Cocktail of the Month The Espresso Martini

Jan 11, 2021

When is a cocktail not (quite) a cocktail, when it’s an Espresso Martini.  With more kick than a distinctly distressed donkey, believe it or not, this delicious drink is not a true Martini cocktail. The Martini cocktail has a number of different forms, but the Espresso Martini does not fall into this category as it contains neither of the necessary gin nor vermouth.

As with so many of the best things, there are a number of competing stories as to the origin of this cocktail. The one that is easily the most credible is that it was requested by a young lady, who when beginning to flag somewhat, requested the noted and innovative bartender Dick Bradsell to create something to firstly sharpen her senses then alleviate her of them! A legend in the bar trade, Dick recounts how his station was very close to the coffee machine and the experiment with a freshly brewed coffee took place. Delighted to oblige the young lady, the Espresso Martini was invented.

There are few caffeinated pick-me-up that could be deemed more tasty than this wonderful concoction. It has a base of vodka with the addition of the Mexican liqueur Kaluha, which not only adds the first dose of coffee flavour as it contains Arabica beans, but also notes of sweet rum and vanilla. The penultimate addition is sirop de gomme, a natural sugar syrup, used to balance the bitterness of the roasted bean note of the espresso. It is served in the traditional Martini glass and, when available, garnished with coffee beans.

Post prepared by Guy Chatfield for Cocktail Hour

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