Cocktail of the Month The White Russian

Oct 27, 2020

From the crisp, cool attack of a Gimlet to the enduring hug of Eggnog, cocktails can deliver a cleansing caress or welcoming warmth to your palate. The obvious reasons for this are the ingredients that the cocktail contains and the White Russian are at the pleasurably plush end of the scale.

Invented in the early 1940’s in Belgium, the naming of the drink comes from the main spirit ingredient Vodka. The only difference the ‘White Russian’ has to its stable mate, the ‘Black Russian’ is the addition of cream (or in the case of the Dude, milk!).

It is essentially an after-dinner drink which saw the height of its popularity in the 1950’s with a huge resurgence after the release of the 1998 cult film, the Big Lebowski.

You can see why this is one of the world’s most popular cocktail – it delivers a hit of alcohol from the vodka complimented by the delicious roasted notes from the coffee liqueur which is then beautifully balanced by the creaminess – layers of flavour in perfect harmony.

The drink ideally suits the occasion: after a delightful dining experience we often seek that final indulgence, that visit to the dessert trolley or cheeky chunk of chocolate. This is where the White Russian glides into the space with an elegant ease, delivering the luxurious toasted smoky caramel notes, velvety butterscotch and dreamy dairy, to satisfying your craving.

Post prepared by Guy Chatfield for Cocktail Hour

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