The Lebowski Box


Is the Dude your guilty pleasure, are you secretly itching to slip on that chunky cardigan or do you just love a White Russian? Either way settle down for an indulgent evening in with our rich, creamy and decadent Lebowski box.

“A balanced butterscotch and caramel taste mixed with a perfect trinity of flavours; dark chocolate, coffee and cream”

The White Russian cocktail was invented in 1949 by Gustave Tops at the Hotel Metropole. If you happen to be in Brussels then the Metropole is still the best place to treat yourself to a white Russian but if you are anything like us you want that experience but in the comfort of your own home.

Box Contents
  • X2 92.5ml Buveur White Russian cocktails
  • X2 90g Sweet Theatre Dark Caramel chocolate
  • X1 80g Caramel & Belgian Chocolate Popcorn
  • X1 100g Truffle Hunter Truffle crisps
  • X1 Rose Petals
  • X 1 Cocktail Hour Food and Drink guide inc. playlist details

Please be mindful of any allergies



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