The Mid-town Box


Do you dream of your very own Marilyn moment clutching your designer dress as you are caught in the updraft of a New York subway or do you, like us just love an Old fashioned? Either way settle down for an indulgent evening in with our warm, smooth and silken Midtown box.

“A warming blend of spiced oak with subtle citrus and herbal notes, a smooth slow sipper with a musky sweet tonka finish”

The Old Fashioned cocktail was invented in 1880 by James E Pepper at the Pendennis Club in Kentucky. To sample the original recipe you need to head to the Waldorf Astoria in New York but if you are anything like us you want that experience but in the comfort of your own home.

Box Contents
  • X2 92.5ml Buveur Old Fashioned cocktails
  • X2 90g Sweet Theatre Dark Honeycomb chocolate
  • X1 70g Blue Cheese, Walnut and Celery Popcorn
  • X1 100g Truffle Hunter Truffle crisps
  • X1 Orange slices
  • X 1 Cocktail Hour Food and Drink guide inc. playlist details

Please be mindful of any allergies



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