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Nov 24, 2020

Earlier in the year we approached the theatrical confectionery company ‘Sweet Theatre’ and asked them to curate the perfect chocolate pairing for our first boxes, including our limited edition Christmas Box available now!

Sally Wood the creative brains behind Sweet Theatre, walks us through the flavours.

“We love a challenge, and we were thrilled to collaborate with Cocktail Hour for their first range of boxes. We’re really excited with the bars we’ve made and feel they’re the perfect match for each box. We’d love to know what you think and can’t wait to start on season two!” Each artisan bar is lovingly made in London using the very finest of natural ingredients and sustainably sourced covertures. All of these bars are VEGAN FRIENDLY too.

Dark Winter Spice. This bar is so delicious, and as soon as you open it and smell the flavours, we know you’ll immediately think it’s Christmas. We played with the idea of making it in milk chocolate, but it felt more decadent in dark chocolate, which makes the perfect combination with your choice of cocktail. Our dark Winter Spice bar is a rich dark 60% chocolate from sustainable equatorial plantations infused with warming winter spices of ginger, cloves and cinnamon to evoke the festive season.

Dark Bitter Orange. We simply adore orange chocolate, and it tastes even better when it’s dark. The intense, tart, zingy flavour makes it impossible to resist. This sumptuous bar is made with a sweet dark 60% chocolate from sustainable equatorial plantations, with a dash of natural orange oil and orange herbal bitters for a decadent twist. This the ideal bar to partner alongside the Negroni.

Dark Caramel. Who doesn’t love getting lost in a delicate, dreamy bar of dark caramel? This subtle dark 60% chocolate from sustainable equatorial plantations expertly mixed with a soft, creamy caramel flavour is everything you need on a cold dark night. Enjoy it alongside your Lebowski Box, it’s absolutely perfect!

Dark Honeycomb. This bar is ideal for those who love a higher cocoa content but still have a sweet tooth. The contrast of the dark chocolate and crunch of the honeycomb makes for an impeccable match with your old Fashioned! An aromatic dark 60% chocolate from sustainable equatorial plantations bursting with crisp, sweet and crunchy honeycomb pieces, mean you might not be able to share this bar!

Dark Espresso. An espresso has never tasted so good! For this bar we have created the perfect blend of a refined dark 60% chocolate from sustainable equatorial plantations, with rich aromatic roasted coffee. This enticing creation goes hand in hand with the Soho Box, this one is definitely for all the coffee lovers out there!

For more information follow us at @sweettheatre or visit our website at sweettheatre.com

Post prepared by Sally Wood of Sweet Theatre for Cocktail Hour

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