The White Russian perfect paring flavours Caramel and Chocolate

Oct 27, 2020

Caramel and chocolate emphasise the depth of the cocoa bitters in the drink, play off its almond cream, and make the most of the classic pairing of chocolate and coffee. Those two always bring out the best in the flavour of each other, and that’s as true as ever here with the White Russian’s coffee liqueur. Coffee is somehow both balanced and enhanced in the presence of chocolate, and vice-versa too.

Whether those caramel and chocolate flavours are best delivered in a bite of smooth chocolate or a pleasing crunch of popcorn is purely personal choice. You might find – as I do – that the time of day you take your White Russian affects that. For a Sunday afternoon White Russian, curled up with a good book, I’ll go for the popcorn. But as a late-night sip, it’s the chocolate bar every time.

Angela’s top tasting tip:

The best way to taste chocolate? Smell it first. Really. We appreciate most of the flavour of chocolate by aroma rather than via our tastebuds. So before you get stuck into a bar of chocolate, try to take a moment first to enjoy the complexities of its smells.

Post prepared by Angela Clutton for Cocktail Hour

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