What is Cocktail Hour?

Oct 27, 2020

Introducing Cocktail Hour, the superior quality cocktail experience brought directly into your home. Available in individual boxes, or as a monthly subscription, Cocktail Hour is the perfect gift to yourself, or someone you love who has incredible taste.

Created by Theatre Producer Douglas McJannet, and Designer Jakki Pay, Cocktail Hour evokes the glamour and endless sophistication of time spent appreciating quality made drinks. With a focus on ease for the drinker, the Cocktail Hour boxes feature pre-mixed superior quality cocktails which are simply poured over ice to be enjoyed.

Douglas McJannet, Founder, said; “Like many people, I have missed some of my favourite luxuries and rituals in 2020. I love the indulgent treat of going out for cocktails, expertly-made and beautifully served. We have recreated the experience at home, of walking into the bustling bar of a high-end hotel, hearing the evocative clink of glass against ice while an expert mixologist makes your favourite cocktail. Our boxes offer the same sense of indulgence and expectation with high quality cocktails, but also the accoutrements to arouse a classic sensory experience.”

Each Cocktail Hour box includes superior quality Buveur cocktails, exclusive Cocktail Hour chocolates (made by Sally Wood of Sweet Theatre) and selected premium savoury nibbles from the UK’s finest premium brands. To accompany all this there is a cocktail guidebook and curated playlist from the Cocktail Hour DJ to enhance the drinking experience.

Join us and settle in for a very welcome treat by post.

Post prepared by Douglas McJannet for Cocktail Hour

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